Vecto Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

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The Veho Vecto Mini packs a 700mAh battery which is capable of 4 hours usage.

Veho Vecto Rugged Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Veho followed on from the successful Vecto speaker with the new Veho which has designed as a new water resistant speaker to add to the collection which is called the Vecto Mini. This small rugged and lightweight Vecto Mini allows you to take it almost anywhere and makes it the perfect accessory for any sport or outdoor day out.

The Vecto Mini has a 6 watt (2 x 3W) output and comes with built-in Bluetooth to allow you to wirelessly stream your music from any Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. You can play directly from the Spotify app or similar and also control the track and volume directly from the Veho speaker.

The Veho Vecto Mini has been given an IP64 rating, which means that your speaker will be protected from total dust ingress and protected from water spray from any direction, making this speaker ideal for camping, festivals, treking, sailing, the beach, picnics or lazing by the pool.

The Veho Vecto Mini packs a 700mAh battery which is capable of 4 hours continuous bluetooth playback or 8 hours of line-in music playback, and only takes a mere 90mins to charge to 100%.

The Vecto Mini also ships with a handy clip on karabiner, a USB charging cable and a line-in cable.
Patent pending: 1319546.6

Key Features
Small rugged & lightweight design
6 (2 x 3W) watt wireless Bluetooth speaker compatible with smartphones, tablets & MP3 players with built-in track and volume controls
Robust chassis and IP64 water resistant housing, ideal speaker for camping, festivals, trekking, sailing, the beach, picnics or lazing by the pool
Built-in 700mAh rechargeable battery with up to 8 hours continuous playback
Ships with a clip on karabiner, USB charging cable & a line-in cable

Box Contents
Vecto Mini Speaker
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Line-in cable
1 x Karabiner

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